Elite & Excalibur Sabers

New prices effective May 1, 2015


Excalibur Hilt Guard

Excalibur Spanish Saber

•Available in 36" or 39" length.
Features include:
•1 year limited warranty.
•Hardended and polished stainless steel blade and hilt.
•Tapered blade for perfect balance.
•Interchangeable parts.
•Hilt Guard - made to withstand rugged abuse.
add $3.00
•36"   $133.00         39"   $145.00

Samurai Saber

Samurai Logo

The Samurai Saber was developed with a new handle and blade design to look, feel, and spin like our Spanish-style Excalibur Saber.
Key Features 

• Excellent for the experienced guard member, as well as a durable saber for the beginner.

• Handle and blade are almost indestructible (will not break under normal use)

• All blades are interchangeable and have protective tips

Blade styles: zinc coated, white, white padded.
Blade lengths: 32", 36" and 39".
Samurai Saber

Samurai Sabers

Style 32" 36" 39"
White $45.25 $52.25 $59.25
White Padded $52.25 $59.25 $66.25
Zinc Plated $40.95 $47.95 $54.95