Saber Accessories

Elite Sabre Blades

Elite Saber Blades

•All blades are made from hardened steel for lasting durability.
•Blades and handles can be purchased separately. This allows you to save money by using the existing Elite saber handle and only changing the blade or vice versa.
•Choose from two styles: white and white padded.
Three lengths: 32", 36" and 39".

Elite Saber Blades

Style 32"
(blade only)
(blade only)
(blade only)
White $23.00 $30.25 $37.50
White Padded $30.25 $37.50 $44.75

Hilt Guard

Excalibur Hilt Guard  $8.50

•Made from polyurethane material designed to withstand rugged abuse.
•Installs quickly and securely.
•Fits most spanish style sabers.
•Weighs 1.2 oz, allowing it to be left on during use without affecting balance.
Excalibur Accessories

Excalibur Saber Accessories

A Metal Handle (3 pcs) $48.35
B Excalibur Saber Tip (black) $1.00
C Hilt Screw $4.55
D Straight Metal Handle $16.60
E Metal ring (over plastic handle) $5.45
F Curved Hilt Basket $27.20
G Black Plastic Handle $4.75
Sabre Accessories

Elite Saber Accessories

A Elite Sabre Handles (black or white) $21.50
B Elite Sabre Tips (white only) $1.00
C Elite Sabre Screws (pair) $4.00
Pole and Sabre Rack
Pole and Sabre Rack

•Easy to assemble.

•Handcrafted rack with walnut finish.

•Holds up to 44 poles and sabres.