x-perience the revolution

MTX - x-perience the revolution
NEW for 2001!
Will be worn by the Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers and The Glassmen

Power Blok heel
Power Blok heel


Color Dot Designed with Michael J. Cesario, the acknowledged authority in performance wear, with one concept in mind: performance.
Color Dot Top-grain leather is used for a smooth, clean contour.
Color Dot The X-Tremetrak sole, with its Power Blok heel, Air Glide pockets and Triple-Tread pattern, provides the maximum amount of traction, stability and control for agile handling on grass, artificial turf and pavement.
Color Dot Fully lined with the advanced DrySole technology, the MTX absorbs and wicks moisture away from the foot.
Color Dot The fully padded ankle collar, extra cushioned insole and padded tongue are features that provide maximum comfort while performing today's most demanding marching techniques.
Color Dot Colors: all white and all black.
Shoe Sizing Chart
Men's Medium Men's Wide
2 1/2 - 13 6 1/2 - 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Women's Medium Women's Wide
4 1/2 - 15 8 1/2 - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Quotes from the experts:

"Our design team loves the new MTX shoe. We tested it on several marching surfaces and even polished it. The MTX is great!"

Dave Gibbs
Blue Devils
10-time DCI World Champions

"Make no mistake, we feel it's the highest quality marching shoe created thus far!"

Myron Rosander
Santa Clara Vanguard
7-time DCI World Champions

"Clearly a whole new step in marching shoes, our visual caption head is very excited about the grip look."

Jeff Fiedler
The Cavaliers
3-time DCI World Champions

"These shoes are a revolution in marching. Their stability is great for direction changes on grass and turf."

Steve McCartney
The Glassmen
DCI Finalist

"This shoe represents everything I've learned about what it takes to create top-flight. Wait until you try them."

Michael J. Cesario
Noted Pageantry Designer